Our Engineering Services

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

  • Solidworks CAD Design

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Machined Steel

  • Laser Cut and Bent Metal Parts and Brackets

  • Model Hardware to Prove Fit

  • Test Mechanical Motion with CAD

  • Protection from Environment

  • Spec Mechanical Parts

Electrical Design

Electrical Design

  • Power Management, AC, DC, Battery, Solar

  • Control Panels, Industrial Controls

  • Cable Harnesses, Connectors

  • Switches, Lights, Displays

  • Power Supply

  • Spec Electrical Parts

Electronic Design

Electronic Design

  • Circuit Concept Design

  • Proof of Concept

  • Printed Circuit Board Design

  • Microprocessor, Intelligent Sensors, Controls

  • Sensors, Switches, Detectors, Counters, Measurement

  • Remote Data Acquisition and Control, Cellular, Radio

  • Prototype Test Equipment

  • Spec Electronic Parts

Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Development

  • Concept Creation

  • Software C++

  • Development

  • Testing with Proof of Operation and Reliability

Online Data Access

Online Data Access

  • (Where Needed)

  • Computer Access to Graphs and Data

  • Smartphone Access to Data Graphs, Alerts, and Alarms Worldwide

  • Reports About Product Operation

  • Long Range Remote Data Access and Control

Prototype Production

Prototype Production

  • We Use Several Vendors to Machine or Laser Cut

  • 3D Printing

  • Make Some Items from Wood Where Practical

  • Demonstrate Reliability Through Test Plans



  • Maybe You Need Help to Find Out Why a Device is Not Working

  • We Can Help Set Up Proper Tests and Measurements

  • Obtain Results That Can Be Evaluated

  • Make Design Suggestions

  • Test and Prove Improvements



  • Progress Reports

  • Regular Reviews

  • Bill of Materials

  • Drawings

  • Revision Control

  • Technical Manuals

  • Operator Manuals

  • Online Links to Help

Printed Circuit Board Design

Printed Circuit Board Design

  • Surface Mount for Small Size

  • Through Hole Mount for Easy Build

  • Single, Double Sided, 2 to 4 Layer

  • On Board Labeling for Easy Use

  • Spec Production Methods

Existing Products

Existing Products

  • Spec New Parts Due to Supply Problems

  • Product Upgrade

  • Fix Reliability Issues

  • Reduce Warranty Rates

  • Add Features

  • Change Manufacturers or Methods

  • Enhance Production Speed


Area Security

BMW Fixtures

BMW Punch Device

Cloud Gateway

Crosswind Landing Simulator

Fence Rat

Flight Simulator Helicopter

Flight Simulator Platform 1

Flight Simulator Platform 2

Grain Bin Fan Remote

Hand Controller


Mold Pump

Radon Detector

Silicone Press

Sterilization Device

Subaru Line

Sump Assure

Tower Hawk

Water Pump Monitor